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Hilma af Klint's painting No 7, Adulthood, is part of The Ten Largest, in a series of abstract paintings created between 1907 and 1908  Overall, no 7 is a powerful and evocative work of art that invites the viewer to contemplate the mysteries of the natural world and the interconnectedness of all things in the universe Through its use of abstract forms, delicate colors, and symbolic imagery, the painting offers a glimpse into the deeper workings of the human psyche and the infinite potential of the creative spirit Overall, the key to styling a Hilma af Klint cushion is to let the artwork speak for itself and build the surrounding decor around it   Size: 60x40 cm Inner pillow: NO   Buy separately Material: 100% LIBECO Linen Origin: MADE IN SWEDEN Certificate: OEKO-TEX

HILMA AF KLINT NO 7 CUSHION COVER LILAC/YELLOW säljs direkt av Holy Home Living för snabb leverans.

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